‘Season of Creation’ 2019 & Plastic Waste

The time between Sept 1st (World Day of Prayer for Creation) and Oct 4th (St Francis Day) is called Season of Creation. It’s a special time in the year for all Christians to be particularly concious and aware for the beauty and vulnerability of God’s Creation.

For many years – and it is increasing every year – great damage is being done to our planet earth, known as God’s Creation, by plastic waste. It is to be found everywhere in the ecosphere: in the soil, in oceans and rivers, in fishes – and in countries such as the Philippines as waste exports from industrialised countries.

21st of Sept. is Global Coastal and River Clean Up Day so that would be a suitable day not only to be aware but to take special action!

Facts and arguments about Christians’ responsibility for the use and disposal of plastics around the world

Peter Nitschke, interfaith specialist of the Plastic Bank program, wrote:
‘Dear all, just wanted to share with you our newest resources on ocean plastic for churches. It is geared towards churches becoming active in taking care of their plastic footprint and engaging with the Plastic Bank program. But is can also be used as a theological and spiritual resource.’

(each PDF-file 3.3 MB)

Revd Dr Dave Bookless, A Rocha International, sent us the following link: https://blog.arocha.org/en/plastic-theology/

Revd Dr Rachel Mash points to us a Bible Study about dealing with waste in our communities: https://learn.tearfund.org/en/resources/publications/footsteps/footsteps_101-110/footsteps_107/bible_study_taking_care_of_god’s_earth

Dr. Elizabeth Perry, Programme and Communication Manager of the Anglican Alliance, helped us with links to materials and documents from the Anglican Alliance on plastic waste all over the world:

https://acen.anglicancommunion.org/media/330547/Oceans-of-Plastic-with-children.pdf (Rachel Mash’s tool for Sunday schools)

“Our world has a problem with waste – and it’s hitting people living in poverty the hardest. Today, two billion people in the world’s poorest countries are living and working among piles of waste – that’s one in four of us. Drinking polluted water. Breathing toxic air. Battling sickness. Each day waste mountains are growing […]

https://anglicanalliance.org/waste-is-not-godly-a-view-on-waste-from-africa (second half is on plastic)

Creator God, out of the overflowing of your love you created all things with rich variety and great beauty and entrusted us with responsibility for them; grant that we might so value all that you have given into our care that we may strive to sustain its blessings for all people for all time. Amen. During […]