Paulo Ueti

I am Paulo Ueti, theologian and New Testament Biblical Scholar. I am the Theological Advisor&Latin American Director for Anglican Alliance (; Facebook: @AnglicanAlliance; Twitter: @Anglialliance) and Assistant Director for Theological Education (TEAC) at Anglican Communion Office ( I am a passionate theologian and activist for justice and particularly for environmental justice and theology of creation. My work is to enable more holistic and connected readings, studies and interpretation of the Bible so life-giving theological discourses may be delivered widely. Revisiting theologies and the Bible is pivotal for acknowledging transformational calling we are all summoned to work for as co-laborators with God.

I live most of my time in Brazil, Latin America. I am in the central part of the country called “cerrado” (savannah). Brazil is facing, as many parts of the world, an emergency environmental crisis. The level of deforestation is scary high on behalf of economic development (for a minimum percentage of the citizens of course), the dams and its catastrophic consequences are decimating entire ecosystems all over the country and killing thousands of people, intentional fires on amazon and wetlands are endangering the life of people and destroying nature. And the Government is doing nothing to prevent it. There is no protection or sustainable development policies in place. Brazil is off the main accords on climate. The social movements and religious movements are standing and struggling for the biodiversity.